Animated Movie Review: Igor

This is a movie review of Igor.

Plot Summary (courtesy of Netflix):

Igor (voiced by John Cusack) is a brilliant young scientist sidelined by a physical deformity. Despite his position as a lowly assistant to mad Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese), Igor dreams of winning the Evil Science Fair and the heart of Gretchen, a village beauty. Aided by a zombie rabbit (Steve Buscemi) and a brain in a jar (Sean Hayes), Igor might just hit the big time.

Run Time: 87 Minutes

Movie Review:

I have seen a lot of animated/kids movies recently and Igor stood out on it's own among them. Not because of some innate brilliance, but because of it's dark undertones. This is a movie which reminds one of other classic dark animated movies, like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The violent scenes are played up as jokes and the marketing for Igor is focused towards the younger audience. While I don't think that kids will have nightmares over someone being blown up or another being crushed to death (and the death being acknowledged by the main characters) I think that this movie should come with a bit of a warning about such things.

Aside from that, I did enjoy Igor. It has good messages and there are some really funny scenes. With Halloween upon us soon, this is a good movie to celebrate the season with as long as it's with parental guidance.

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Overall Movie Review Rating: I rate this movie as a Good See - 3 stars

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