Romantic Comedy Movie Review: No Reservations

Romantic Comedy Movie Review No ReservationsThis is a movie review of No Reservations.

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A perfectionist chef addicted to her work struggles to adjust when her sister passes away leaving her with a little girl to raise and a new soup-chef threatens to take over her kitchen with his high-spirited and free-wheeling ways.

Run Time: 104 Minutes

Movie Review:

I just love Catherine Zeta-Jones and in my opinion, it is not the actors fault when a movie director and script writer gives them something to work with that isn't written properly. I have seen this too many times with movies. The actors are blamed for the movie failing when it isn't their fault at all. Catherine is a wonderful actress and so were the other main actors, Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin.

There were parts of this movie that were good but as with many movies that seem to go right to DVD it's like there are 3 or 4 movies mixed in one because there are plots all mixed up together. And, there was way too much crying. I had thought it was a comedy but there was tragedy and lots of sorrow mixed in that just didn't seem to fit the comedic part. Like I said, several movies mixed up into one.

The movie was dragging to because I found myself watching the clock and that is not a good sign. If I'm bored there's something wrong.

Overall, it wasn't a total wash. There were good parts to it, slow areas (popcorn break) and some tender moments that I appreciated. Would I watch it again? Sorry, no.

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Overall Movie Review Rating: I rate this movie as a Blah See - 2.5 stars

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