Kids Movie Review: Monster House

This is the movie review of Monster House.

Plot Summary (courtesy of IMDB):

Kids Movie Review: Monster HouseLittle DJ has suspicions about the house across the street and the cranky old man who lives there. When the old man has a heart attack and is carried away by an ambulance, DJ thinks the danger is over. Unfortunately, as he, his friend Chowder, and a candy-selling prep-school girl named Jenny discover, the house itself has plans--plans that include eating all the kids who'll be trick-or-treating that Halloween night!

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Movie Review:

When I got Monster House I thought it would be a fun little kids movie based off an urban legend. We have seen movies like this before with the crotchety old man in some run down scary looking house that the kids avoid, and I thought hilarity woudl ensue. Boy was I wrong. While the movie starts off this way it slowly gets darker and the story is about a house which is haunted. This movie would scare a great many kids and there really is no great humor for adults. I didn't find myself laughing hardly at all during this movie.

The story itself is just over the top unbelievable. It goes from a simple haunting to something completely weird where the house starts walking down the street chasing the kids. The overall story about how the house is haunted is typical and pretty decent but defeating the house by force instead of something more peaceful conveys the wrong message.

The graphics are very eery as well. All the characters have a very plastic feel to them and their synchronization, while true to life, is very odd feeling for a fully digital movie. It almost makes it feel as if the creators weren't sure if they wanted to make this a cartoon like movie or make it realistic and so they chose something in the middle.

All in all, I really didn't find much good to this movie. Sure it is produced by some big names and has a ton of well known actors voicing the parts but that just doesn't make up for how bad this movie is. This movie's main characters are pre-teens and I think that is the only audience that would possibly enjoy this movie as they can relate to it.

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Overall Movie Review Rating: I rate this movie as a Blah See - 2 stars

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