Independent Movie Review: Noise

This is a movie review of Noise (2008).

Plot Summary (courtesy of IMDB):

Movie Review for NoiseA black comedy about a man caught in the most impossible of conundrums: in love with his hometown, New York City, but driven mad by its noise. Transforming himself into "The Rectifier", David takes on everyone from the schmuck who ignores his own car alarm to the city's most powerful citizen, the Mayor. As his daring grows, New Yorkers rally behind him inspiring David to win this fight by the most ingenious of schemes.

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Movie Review:

Noise is an independent movie with lots of Hollywoods big names in it. Unfortunately for the movie, the two don't necessarily mix.

While the general idea of the movie made a lot of sense the execution was done poorly. The writing was so-so and Tim Robbins, who plays the main character, was not able to make us overlook that fact. As an activist type of movie some people will be able to relate to the actions that the main character does throughout the first part of the movie.

This movie does show a good example about the correct and incorrect ways to try to solve a social issue. The final courtroom scenes are very smart and at the end I had wished that was more how the movie should have been in general. But the first "The Rectifier" parts do not make us root for the main character and the premise of it effecting his family relationship do not add up.

Noise is rated "Not Rated", specifically for an out of place, uncalled for nude scene in the middle of the movie. Otherwise this movie could have garnered an R rating and probably have gotten some more screen time than it did.

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Overall Movie Review Rating: I rate this movie as a Blah See - 2 stars

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